Family Law
Anyone who has ever been through the family law process knows how gut-wrenching it can be. Sometimes, it seems the American family law system has been designed to encourage conflict, foot prints in sandrather than fair, principled and reasonable solutions to one of the most difficult situations in life.

Many family law clients are deeply wounded – and they seek to take out their pain on their soon-to-be former spouses and family members. Others understand that divorce is one of the most painful experiences any family goes through, and seek to minimize trauma to the greatest extent possible.

Terry Lee takes a more thoughtful approach. While he forcefully and tenaciously defends his clients’ interests, his experience in more than 1,000 family law cases has taught him that the courtroom isn’t necessarily the best arena for resolving family law matters. In seeking equitable and wise solutions, Terry encourages and supports alternative dispute resolution methods. He will explore any and all options in pursuit of an equitable and, to the greatest extent possible, amicable settlement.